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41 - Julie Hermitage "Uan Wool"

Wool Textiles      £3 - £250

Open   9:30 - 5   Fri-Mon  

Julie Hermitage mum of 2, hill sheep farmer & passionate lover of all things wool. Self-taught creator & maker of wool textiles, needle felts, kits, cushions, ponchos & specialises in wool pillows for sleep/injury care and warming wool gifts.

Wester Coul farm, Lintrathen, DD8 5JR

T: 07928268992  -  01575 560281 

Facebook: @uanwool

Instagram: @uanwool

Directions: 2 miles from Peel Farm, Lintrathen, on the road to Balintore Castle. 2nd on left after the junction from the main Glen Isla B951 road

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