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About Us

From Friday the 24th to Monday the 27th of May, explore the creative workings of more than 40 artists and makers from around the Strathmore valley in their studios and homes. This is an opportunity to see how artists create their unique works and in many cases to take part yourself. 


We are thrilled to invite you to view the collection of exceptional artworks from some of the most talented artists around the region. Our website and the Open Studios event features a diverse range of art pieces that are sure to captivate and inspire you.

You will discover an array of contemporary, traditional, and abstract art pieces that celebrate the beauty and creativity of the human mind. From vivid paintings to intricate sculptures, every artwork on display is a unique expression of the artist's imagination.

We hope you enjoy exploring our online art gallery and appreciate the creativity and skill of the artists. Feel free to browse the collection, share your favourite artworks with others, and even purchase a piece to bring home with you.


Thank you for visiting. We look forward to seeing you this May and in sharing our art passion with you!

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