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35 - Heather Wadsworth 

Painting (Oil And Acrylic)   £3 - £395

Open    10 - 5 Fri-Sun      10 - 7 Mon

Painting mainly in acrylics and oils, Heather loves the Scottish scenery of sky, sea and sand. Some works are impressionist representation of places visited and memories turned into paintings.Not exact copies of the places but requiring the viewer to use their own imagination, interpretation and feelings associated with the painting and the ambiance it is trying to portray. Credit cards accepted.

3 Gateside Cottage, Roundyhill, Forfar, DD81QE


T: 07938 528396

Instagram: heatherwadsworth 

Directions: 2 miles from Glamis and Kerrimure on the B928 on roadside no 3 Gateside Cottage 

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