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14 - Robert Parsifal Finch

Oil Painting  £65 - £10,000

Open 11 - 6 Fri-Mon

Global artist/author with many exhibitions in San Francisco, California and Glasgow Scotland. Exhibited alongside works by Picasso, Tselkov, Dulfan, Miro and others. 
Artist/Author’s current books available from under artist/author’s full name Robert Parsifal Finch. Latest book, Knotty Thoughts on Knotty Subjects, and other works, also availble in the Expressive Canvas Alyth.
Quote:  ‘An artist is a sort of harbinger of exceptional possibilities’

The Expressive Canvas, 5 Toutie Street, Alyth


T: 07484 724 99

Directions: The Expressive Canvas, Toutie Street with Gallery window
facing into Commercial Street, Alyth.

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